Read3DS is a 3D Studio file reader (*.3DS)

It does not read the 3D Studio Max files (*.MAX).

It has been designed for Linux and Solaris (Sun's UNIX), and it should also work with other UNIX.

!! Read3DS is a cardware !!
It means that if you like it I will be happy to receive a postcard from you :)


Read3DS is a 3D engine which displays the 3D Studio file as a 3D object on which you can interact.
It does not use Hardware  3D Acceleration

The purpose of this site is to provide a little tool, show some screnshots made of it and to exchange some coding informations

For some informations on the begining of the creation of this little tool (C/asm) click here
After a looong time, I rewrite the whole stuff in C++ for UNIX / X11
The first real "not too buggy" release has it's own presentation page
The second release provides much more shadings, all the screenshots were done with that one
There is 5 pages of screenshots you can watch here
You can also download some of the 3D Studio files I'm using
Several XWD files are also provided
xwd is a little binary provide on UNIX for, eg, making some scrrenshots.
The file must be in depth 8 / PseudoColor in order to be used by Read3DS.
For downloading Read3DS (binaries or source) go here

Last but not least for more information on the program and it's author :) ...